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Come and discover the wonderful world of Judaica. At World of Judaica, we have a beautiful selection of all things Jewish for you to choose from, including Kiddush cups, Menorahs, Kippot, Tefillin and many more - we are your Judaica store.


Browse World of Judaica’s selection of interesting blessings to find wall hangings appropriate for all occasions, from weddings and housewarmings to a bris.

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Jewish women light candles to mark the beginning of Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. Choose one of our sets of stunning glass, crystal and sterling silver candlestick sets.

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Havdalah Sets & Candles

Mark the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the new week with one of our intricately decorated Havdalah Sets made by Israeli artists such as Yair Emanuel.

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Elijah & Miriam Cups

Choose one of our unique Elijah and Miriam Cups to celebrate the past and future redemptions as well as freedom from oppression at your Passover Seder.

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Kiddush Cups

World of Judaica has a massive selection of Kiddush Cups which will suit any taste and are appropriate for Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and any lifecycle event.

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Kiddush Fountains

Impress your friends and family with one of World of Judaica’s unique sterling silver and lacquered wood Kiddush Fountain sets decorated with Jewish themes.

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A Kippah serves as a reminder that G-d is always present. World of Judaica offers a wide selection of Kippot in several different styles including velvet, crocheted and knitted.

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Publicize the miracles of this well-known Jewish Holiday with one of World of Judaica’s beautiful traditional and modern interpretations of the Hanukkah Menorah.

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Display your Judaism proudly by placing one of World of Judaica’s impressive Mezuzahs prominently on your doorpost. Interesting designs are a click away.

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The Shofar is used on Rosh HaShanah to mark the beginning of the New Year and the Days of Awe. Inspire yourself and your family with one of our authentic ram’s horns.

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Browse our selection of modern and traditional Tallitot, all of which feature beautiful Jewish motifs and are appropriate for use in the Synagogue and at home.

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Tefillin & Tefillin Sets

Tefillin are traditionally worn during the weekday prayers by men and boys from age 13 and up. Give a gift or spoil yourself with one of our authentic leather Tefillin Sets.

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Torah Pointers

Torah Pointers are traditional pieces of Judaica usually made of wood or sterling silver. Browse our selection of Torah Pointers that are sure to be a treasured heirloom.

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Tzedakah Boxes

Charity is cornerstone of Judaism’s idea of kindness. Collect money to give to the needy with one of our unique Tzedakah Boxes designed by famous Israeli artist Yair Emanuel.

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Tzitzit are a reminder of G-d's constant presence. Browse our gallery of tzitzit garments and strings to find the pair you can wear all the time and remember G-d.

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Washing Cups

World of Judaica has numerous washing cups in several different designs. Choose from interesting metal, plastic and glass washing cups that echo different periods of Jewish History.

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In recent years Judaism has seen an immense worldwide-growth in popularity. More and more people of diverse levels of religiosity are attempting to learn about Jewish life and feel more connected to their heritage. Even some of Hollywood’s most famous luminaries have been known to study Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. In addition to turning to Jewish literature in order to better understand the religion, many decide to practice it with the aid of Synagogue Items. For this purpose, many inquirers choose to visit a Judaica store.

The world of Judaica encompasses virtually all possible objects pertinent to Judaism. It comprises mainly, but not exclusively, of articles that are inseparable parts of the religion, such as the Judaica Tallit, also spelled Tallis. This is the prayer shawl that Jewish men wear when they pray according to their custom; most Ashkenazi Jews wear the tallit every day once they get married, while Sephardic Jews wear it daily long before they tie the knot- usually once they turn thirteen years old at their Bar Mitzvahs. Learn more about the Tallit, the difference between Tallit Gadol and Katan, the making and how to wear this Jewish prayer shawl, in our ultimate Tallit guide.

Another example of an object that is not only an intrinsic part of Judaism but is also immensely popular in Judaica stores is the Mezuzah. Contrary to popular belief, mezuzah is not the outside holder, also known as mezuzah case; rather, it is the scroll within the case. On the scroll are passages carefully written by a professional scribe. Although the mezuzah’s true significance is in the scroll, people pay great attention to the mezuzah case and its appearance, and some pay exorbitant prices for striking cases to adorn their doorposts.

Decorative mezuzahs are not the only example of fundamental religious items that Judaica offers in an array of colors and styles. For more on mezuzah style, prayer and how to hang it, visit our OyVey Jewish blog. Take the famous Kippah, also known by its Yiddish term yarmulke or yamaka. This is the small skullcap Jewish men wear on their heads at all times. Since the days of old, Jews wore head coverings symbolic of their subjugation to God. Thus, the yamaka became a regular part of the Jew’s attire. However, Jews, like all people, have different styles and tastes when it comes to aesthetics. Thus, every Jewish store offer kippahs in numerous colors, sizes, shapes and materials. Certain types of kippahs have even become identifiable with specific sects of Judaism. For example, a black velvet Kippah is normally associated with Haredi Jews. It is no wonder, then, that several Judaica stores specialize solely in kippahs! Learn about the various kippah styles in our ultimate kippot guide, which will help you to send the right message and especially if you are having troubles choosing a Bar Mitzvah or birthday gift!

Shofars are another fundemental item, used in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, also known as the High Holidays. Shofars come in various sizes and styles, mostly made from natural kudu or ram's horn and embellished in silver plating or hand-painted. At times choosing the perfect shofar can be a challenging task, especially if you are shopping for wedding gifts. Learn about the various Shofars and how to choose the best shofar for your purposes in our OyVey Jewish blog.

Judaica offers anything from vital ritual-items to antique Jewish Jewelry, Jewish art, and, of course, Jucaica gifts. The latter category is inexhaustible, with new items inundating the Judaica market constantly. Tip-of-the-iceberg examples are ornamented candlesticks, Star of David key chains, and even T-shirts.

Judaica has become a wonderful way of getting acquainted with Judaism. With its myriad goods, it has no age, sex or level of religiosity limits. Whether you are a learned practitioner of Judaism or a tyro- Judaica has something for you.