Groundbreaking Israeli research: Enjoy wine without drinking
We all know that a cup of red wine in the evening does miracles to our health and we often even indulge in more than 1 cup a day. But, what about those of us who can’t because we must avoid sugar and alcohol?
Well, an Israeli research has found the answer to these problems, allowing you to enjoy the grapes benefits without alcohol consumption.

So, red wine helps in preventing heart diseases, cholesterol and stress, but to actually enjoy these benefits we must consume a lot of sugar, as red wine contains high sugar levels, and thus, take a risk in gaining weight. Therefore, two Israeli scientists, Dr. Yochi Hagay and Dr. Zakay decided to find the answer to this and came up with Vinia, a powder that equals to 1 bottle of red wine and contains all active ingredients in red wine, minus the sugar and alcohol.

This innovative powder contains high concentration of grape cells and of polyphenol, famous in preventing heart problems and helps blood flow. The Vinia powder is produced in Hydroponic water, without chemicals or bio engineering.  

Sugars, alcohol and calories free this super food was found in the labs of BioHarvest  after years of research and we will sure be following them to see what other super food solution this Israeli duo will come up with in the future.