A chef’s family meal: A Holocaust survival’s dream comes true
Leah Semet, 93 years old, survived the Ghetto in Romania, married her husband in Germany and made Aliyah to Israel in 1948. Her humble dream was to have renowned Israeli chef, Assaf Granit, to cook a big family meal in her kitchen for the entire family.

Grandmother to six grandchildren, great grandmother of eight, we can certainly understand why this lovely lady dreamt of having someone cook for her, after seeing the famous chef on TV. Her daughter, Tzipi, heard of a great project ‘Making small dreams come true to great people’, in Hebrew 'Magshimim Halomot Ktanim LeAnashim Gdolim', and decided to contact the organization that is in charge of making Holocaust survivals’ dreams come true.

The Israeli chef was thrilled to join in and together with his team mates and Leah’s family, produced a dreamy meal in her small kitchen. Granit, was very excited to help make Leah’s dream come true. She reminded him of his own grandmother and decided to prepare an eastern European meal, Leah’s origin.

The grandchildren finished chopping the vegetables salad and the Polenta is ready for the potato lover Leah to taste, as the family sits together for an exquisite family meal.
Humble dreams begin with humble people, and this magnificent Israeli organization has made some very special people very happy and continues to do so every day.
Image was taken by Studio Hagit, by Hagit Frankle.